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Original Rockman
(aka Classic Mega Man)

Rockman 8: Metal Heroes

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Bonus Mode - Sega Saturn Only

Bonus Mode Select
Official Illustrations
Boss Character Postcard
Sound/Voice Test

Bonus Mode

Bonus Mode, a Sega Saturn Only feature, is packed with functions like Sound Test, Voice Test, Illustration and Boss Postcard galleries. Bonus Mode is available right on the fly from the game's title screen, right under Option Mode. Make sure you hold down L & R buttons before you press Start and enter the Bonus Mode to unlock a secret feature.
When you've entered the Bonus Mode, you have access to the extra features right away. Select the feature you want to enter and then press Start button. If you held down the L & R buttons before entering the Bonus Mode, you will now unlock Animation. This will let you watch all the game's video cutscenes.