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Shooting Star Rockman
(aka Mega Man Star Force)

Shooting Star Rockman 3

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Game Details

Image (JP) (US) (BLACK ACE)
Developer Capcom
Publisher Capcom
Genre Brother Action RPG
Players Unknown
Systems » Nintendo DS
Media » Cartridge (NDS)
Save Backup » Battery (NDS)

Release Notes

流星のロックマン3 ブラックエース / レッドジョーカー
Ryuusei no Rockman 3: BLACK ACE / RED JOKER
(JP) 2008.11.13 (NDS) [NTR-CRBJ-JPN] (BLACK ACE)
(JP) 2008.11.13 (NDS) [NTR-CRRJ-JPN] (RED JOKER)

Mega Man Star Force 3: BLACK ACE / RED JOKER
(US) 2009.06.30 (NDS) [NTR-CRBE-USA] (BLACK ACE)
(US) 2009.06.30 (NDS) [NTR-CRRE-USA] (RED JOKER)


The future of this planet is now up to them.
2008. The world is covered in Noise.

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