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Rockman X
(aka Mega Man X)

Rockman X4

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Use: X Buster (X only) / Z Saber (Zero only)
Magmard Dragoon / Magma Dragoon
* He betrayed the Irregular Hunters and hid himself inside a volcano
Use: Double Cyclone (X only)
Frost Kibatodos / Frost Walrus
* He protects the secret weapon which lies inside the snow base
Use: Rising Fire (X only)
Jet Stingren / Jet Stingray
* He destroyed the city and escaped to the sea
Use: Frost Tower (X only)
Slash Beastleo / Slash Beast
* He defends the military train to protect the supply of goods
Use: Ground Hunter (X only)
Colonel 1st Encounter (X only)
Use: Frost Tower
Web Spidus / Web Spider
* He protects the secret weapon of the jungle
Use: Twin Slasher (X only)
Split Mushroom
He occupies the laboratory and will attack whoever visits there
Use: Lightning Web (X only)
Cyber Kujacker / Cyber Peacock
* He lives in cyberspace and wants to destroy the network system
Use: Soul Body (X only)
Storm Fukuroul / Storm Owl
He left with a space fortress to conquer the air
Use: Aiming Laser (X only)
Colonel 2nd Encounter
Use: Frost Tower (X only)
Double (X only)
Use: Double Cyclone
Iris (Zero only)
Use: ??
Use: Twin Slasher (X only)
Sigma 1st Form
Use: Rising Fire (X only)
Sigma 2nd Form
Use: Lightning Web (X only)
Sigma 3rd Form
Use: Soul Body (Cyborg Body) (X only) / Ground Hunter (Slime Body) (X only)